How Parents Can Help

  • If you are worried that your child is being bullied, ask him/her directly
  • Be aware of the signs and symptoms of bullying
  • Take bullying seriously and find out the facts when told about an incident of bullying
  • Don't agree to keep the bullying a secret
  • Talk with teacher or headteacher, if it is school bullying
  • Give teachers the suggestions in this booklet and point out the resources listed at the back of this booklet
  • Institute Kidscape programmes in schools to combat bullying
  • Help children practise strategies such as shouting no, walking with confidence and running away
  • Give your child a chance to vent his/her feelings about being bullied
  • Get other parents together and discuss ways to stop the bullying
  • Talk to the parent governors at your school and suggest a school policy on bullying. If you meet with any difficulties, we'd like to know .
  • Arrange to meet your child, if the bullying is happening on the way to or from school
  • Ask that the bullies be kept at school until everyone has had a chance to get home
  • If you feel it would help your children's confidence, ask them if they would like to take self-defence classes
  • Check that your child is not inviting the bullying by some obnoxious habit, such as spitting, picking his nose, etc
  • Keep a written diary of all incidents
  • Invite children over to help your child make friends

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